DASH issue 1 is officially out! We’re so excited to finally share the entire issue with you!

Dash #1

Here is how you can get it:

Direct from our awesome publisher Northwest Press, you can order a hard copy or digital. (They are having a 25% off everything sale that goes on until September 30th, so go shopping here and then type in coupon code: “pumpkin_spice” when you check out to get the deal!)

On Comixology right here.

In select comic shops all over. If your shop is carrying Dash please let us know, we would love to help them out however we can. If your shop is not carrying Dash well tell them you want them to be carrying it, we’re in the Diamond Previews catalogue every month!

We also want to thank Dustin Cabeal of Comic Bastards for the 5 out  5 review he gave issue 1. You can read the review here.

We’d also like to thank Jen ‘Miss J’ Aprahamian of Comic Vine for the positive and constructive review she gave issue 1. You can read that here.

Don’t forget we’re throwing a launch party in Philadelphia for Dash on October 4th, you can get tickets for that here.

Finally the multi-talented Rich Lee put together another video of Delia and myself talking about issue 1. If all goes well we’ll be doing one for every issue.



Now that issue 1 is out we can talk a bit more about our process for the first issue as well as show you some preview art of issue 2, and maybe, just maybe, tear Delia away from working on the next issue to post. No promises. So stay tuned, The Case of The Mysterious Zita Makara has just started!



Dash Teaser Trailer


We’re excited to present our “teaser trailer” for Dash and to announce our YouTube channel at Youtube.com/TeamDashComic . This fall we’ll be updating the YouTube page as each issue comes out with video commentary, history, and hints about where the comic is headed. If you’d like to be kept in the loop, please go ahead and subscribe to our channel.

The videos are being shot, and edited by Rich Lee. Rich is an actor, writer, videographer, editor, and photographer in the Philadelphia area. We’re grateful to have someone so talented on board, go give him a follow on Twitter @RichLeeNamed

The Dash theme is written and performed by the wickedly talented Christopher Tolomeo. Chris is a music director, conductor, composer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist also in the Philadelphia area. You’ll be able to check Chris out playing music as well as using his acting chops for an exciting event we’ll be announcing soon. His website may have a hint about what that may be, so check it out  http://christophertolomeo.weebly.com/

Finally don’t forget that if you want to see Dash in your local comic shop, please tell your shop to order it! Preview Code JUL141331