About Dash

Dash is a noir detective serial set in Los Angeles, 1940, where The Maltese Falcon meets The Mummy through the eyes of an openly gay private detective. The series is written by Dave Ebersole, illustrated by Delia Gable and published through Northwest Press.



Dave Ebersole is a theater director and playwright. His plays include Task, Living Space, Subdivision, Redemption: A Romantic Comedy?, The Churchbells All Were Broken, and Absolution. Dave has a Bachelors in Theater from Temple University and also attended the Summer Seminar for Writers at Sarah Lawrence College focusing on comic writing, taught by Scott Snyder. You can check out Dave’s horror anthology series he does with artist Sam Fryer at oneshothorror.com. He lives outside Philadelphia with his puppy Ernie. Follow on Twitter @debersol

Delia Gable is a visual artist, cat lover and voracious reader. Other comics include the action/comedy graphic novel A Ninja Named Stan, the fantasy miniseries Eating Vampires, and the activist webcomic Branded. Illustrated publications include the anthology Tales of Woe for MTV Press, the novels Armageddon Girl and New Olympus by award-winning RPG writer CJ Carella, and CD artwork for independent musicians Radio Eris and Jasper James. Delia attended the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Visual Arts. A native New Yorker, she now happily lives in Tacoma, Washington with her partner and a gang of cats. Follow on Twitter @dcgable