Here’s Looking At You


We’re still sitting on some big news, and while the details are being firmed up I figured I’d make a long overdue post about Here’s Looking At You. It’s a short story we contributed to the You Are Not Alone anti-bullying anthology from GrayHaven Comics. Growing up, I had always wished there was something like YANA available and I was excited to be a part of it. Planning it out with Delia over several conversations we both surprised ourselves with memories we had long ago thought we had forgotten. I never considered myself someone who was bullied but when I look back…well it’s funny the stuff you choose not to remember until you do.

One of the features of Delia’s art I love the most is no two characters look-alike. Everyone is distinct and you can see each person, even if in the background, has their own story. From the way the main characters Tucker and Duncan move, to Tuckers parents, to their classmates, you can see there are more than just two personalities on the page. Below is the first page of the 4 page story and I think you can see what I’m talking about here. It may be one of my favorite pages she’s done.

You can find the rest of the story in You Are Not Alone from GrayHaven Comics here. YANA seems to be doing well, it’s received a lot of great press, nabbed the Philadelphia Geek award in 2013, and some very positive reviews. Thanks to Fred over at Freds’ HM Fan Blog for saying “Here’s Looking at You by Ebersole/Gable was nice to see and read, with a more nuanced look at its topic than many others.”

I was really proud to be part a part of the anthology and we wish GrayHaven the best of luck with their follow up volume ( hopefully the first of many to come.) You can get updates on the progress of the next YANA by following them at @yanacomic.

As for Tucker and Duncan I thought I would be leaving their story where it is; short, sweet, and to the point. Then I got an idea. Then Delia got an idea. And well, you’ll see one day. But for now enjoy.

More soon!



lettered_page_1 copy


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