Our First Comic Con Experience

Delia:  Last weekend, I flew to Seattle, WA to attend the Emerald City Comic Con. Everybody around me knows how much I like Seattle and would love to live there, so it’s no surprise that I also spent a lot of time trekking around different parts of the city and eating various things with coffee.

Back to ECCC — this is the first year it sold out, and it was very crowded, but the attendees I encountered were remarkably polite and respectful. I got my copy of Bad Houses signed by writer Sara Ryan (yes, I brought it acrioss the country because I knew she would be there), and my Red Sonja #1 and Tomb Raider #1 signed by Gail Simone. I also finally got my hands on The Cute Girl Network, which I’ve been waiting on for over a year (needless to say, that got signed too). All of these experiences came with some great conversations. I also attended a panel on freelancing where 4 out of 5 panelists were female. SEATTLE, you guys! I was THIS CLOSE to getting a photo with Karl Urban, but I decided to spend that $80 on more ‘zines and comics at the Elliott Bay Bookstore instead.

I got back to NYC early Wednesday morning and before I knew it, it was MoCCA Fest time. I overslept on Saturday morning thanks to setting my alarm to PM, but still arrived with enough time to set up my banner stand, unpack and rearrange my items several times, and get locked out of my Square account (luckily nobody needed to use a card until Sunday). Elisabeth Alba was already in place with an impeccable array of prints and original paintings. Lis and I were in the MFA program together and shared studio space after graduation. At one point in our friendship when we lived a lot closer to each other and had less demanding schedules, we were able to spend nearly every day hanging out together. Sharing a table (and lunch!) reminded me of how much I miss those times.

So many people came by! The event was bigger than it’s ever been, and there was even a line stretching down the steps of the Armory, and that line was constant ALL DAY. Afterward Lis and I attended the exhibitor afterparty at the Society of Illustrators. Somehow I thought it would be a lot calmer and I’d get to talk to other cartoonists while classical music tinkled softly in the background (it’s that kind of a place), but it was more of a raucous jumble of exhibitors blowing off steam over alcohol and a small plates buffet. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoyed my wine and penne just like everyone else! I just regretted being too tired to get up and mingle with complete strangers.

I had spent a lot of time in March peer-pressuring the infamous Dave to come to NYC for MoCCA, and he eventually gave in. So Sunday we were all behind the table and it was awesome. A few years ago I’d attended several comic cons as a supporting exhibitor for Stan, but I had no responsibilities beyond showing up. This was my first real tabling experience, and it was Dave’s first time behind a comic con table, period.

We had a lot of highlights of the weekend to squeal over, but one of many favorite moments was being surprised at our table by Nick Marino, the host of my favorite podcast network Audioshocker, and his partner/occasional co-host Justique. I almost didn’t let them leave!

What was the overall best moment? Well, we also received some excellent news, which we’ll be very excited to share soon. 😉

Before we knew it, 6pm had arrived. The entire room exploded in appreciative applause. After packing up our banners and remaining swag, we all parted ways (*snif!). On their way to dinner, Lis and her fiance Scott gave Dave a ride crosstown so he could catch the bus back to Philly, and I had delicious ramen dinner with the Nunnelly twins and some of their webcartoonist friends. All in all, it was a really great weekend and we will definitely be tabling again!


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