We Have A Cover!

So the first issue is fully pencilled and 75% inked, and we’re working on confirming our colorist. Meanwhile I’ve been polishing up our first cover/promo image…though we may have an amazing guest artist for the official cover of Issue #1 instead.

Dash working cover, Issue1

So when I draw, I listen to either music or podcasts, depending both on my mood and what I’m working on that day. For instance, music is usually better when I want to just power through and not overthink anything, and podcasts are better when I need to remain methodical and detail-oriented. The podcasts I listen to most often are the “Audioshocker” collection, “Risk!” and “3 Chicks Review Comics.” I really like storytelling podcasts (“True Stories” is a fun one), but I tend to avoid “The Moth” and “This American Life” because, as great as they are, they make me feel sad too often.

Most recently I’ve been immersing myself in old radioplays and big band music for that 1940s ambiance. My favorites are “Old Time Radio Mysteries” and “Old Time Radio Mystery Theater.” While rather moralistic, they’re so much better than I anticipated, and I often find myself on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. Sadly, there’s a finite amount of them, and I wish I could find some well-done modern radioplays.

I also found some new music to listen to while I work, which is pretty exciting for me. Girl In A Coma has several albums and Savages has one so far. My musical taste is extremely ’90s-influenced. Often the new music I buy is the latest output of my longtime favorite musicians (e.g. Mesh, or Gary Numan), who have progressed musically yet can always be relied on for interesting, meaningful songs and accomplished, thematic albums. I have tried to find new bands to listen to, but so much current music is terrible! I can’t stand empty Autotuned pap, and keep those “summer hits” away from me…they’re so boring and calculated, and sound way more irritating than “catchy.” So it’s an unexpected gift whenever I find something created by newer artists that I feel moved by and can’t stop repeatedly playing.

OK, back to work! Here’s a panel where Dash wakes up and realizes he needs to get back to work too:

Dash page 13, panel 2


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