Here’s my art table set up for inking. Usually that dark smear isn’t there but I knocked my ink pot over. My art might get pretty detailed or controlled but I’m actually uncontrollably, ridiculously messy as an artist. All my papers attract mysterious thumbprints in graphite or ink, sometimes before I even get to use them!

On the right is page 2 so I can maintain Zita Makara’s appearance, but on my fancy new lightbox (many dollars recently went to this) is page 6, the first appearance of Cindy Crenshaw. For the uninitiated, Zita is the archetype of the femme fatale and Cindy is described in her first appearance as “Dash’s wisecracking secretary.”

On the left is a thumbnailed page of Dave’s script for issue 1 and some layouts for pages I was pencilling (before Fancy Lightbox came in the mail). Above it all is a photocopy of someone’s idea of a vintage detective’s office that Dave and I both liked.


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